Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Snack Bag

Snack Attack Snack Bag Tutorial.
These bags are modeled after the traditional "flap-top" sandwich bags and can be made in any size.  I've made mine to finish at roughly 6 1/2 inches square, which seems about right for most snacks or even a small sandwich. They come together very quickly, like 5 minutes quickly, but they're also easy to get wrong if the layers don't get folded just so.  (I'm speaking from experience here!)
Original blog post can be found here.

Fabric requirements:
Lining:  7 x 16"  (I used organic cotton)
Outside:  7 x 16" (Single print or combination of smaller pieces sewn together)

1.  Cut both the lining and outside fabrics into a 7x7 square and a 7x9 rectangle.

2.  With right-sides together (RST) sew the top edge of the 7x7 squares together.  Flip RS out and press the seam flat.  (Tip:  If your fabric has a clear direction to it, orient it so the top is towards this first seam.)  

3.  With RST sew the top short edge of the 7x9 rectangles together, leaving a 2" +/- gap for turning.  Press seam open, and lay the rectangles open so that the right sides are facing up, with the  outside fabric at the top. (To the left in the image below.)

4.  Lay the 7x7 piece on the lower rectangle, inside fabric facing inside fabric, aligning the bottom and side edges.

5.  Fold the 7x9 piece down to meet the smaller piece.   (Its seam will be below the top edge, and the bottom edge will NOT align at this time.)

6. Fold back up at the seam line, then down again, aligning top (folded), bottom, and side edges of all pieces. This will create a "sandwich", four layers thick at the bottom, and six layers thick at the top. (See image below.)

7.  Sew the two sides and bottom edges in a 1/4" seam through all layers. I find it easiest to start at the top edge and stitch one side, then start again at the other top edge, stitching down the other side and then across the bottom.  (Since I tend not to pin, this helps keep the top edges better aligned.)

8.  Clip the corners and turn through the gap in the top flap.   Stitch the opening closed by hand or top-stitching close to the finished edge.

And that's it!  The perfect little snack bag.  

(It is also possible to make this using a single piece of fabric, measuring 7" x 30" +/-.  However, I found that the gymnastics of folding it correctly was not worth the novelty.  Someone else might have better luck - it is nice because the bulk of the seams at the corners is greatly reduced.  
To make:  Sew RST the short ends of a single 7x30" piece together, leaving a gap for turning.  Press seam open, fold in half at the seam, and finger press the opposite folded end to mark the mid-point.   Shift the fabric such that the seam is positioned about 2" from one end.  Fold the top layer of fabric up at the seam line then back down again, aligning the top folded edges.  Next fold the bottom edge to the interior, nesting it with the top fold.  Stitch the two side edges, clip corners, and turn!)